The rain is over (hopefully!), summer is finally coming, and the greater DC area is about to get real steamy! For those that are pregnant right now, we know it can be extremely uncomfortable. So, we wanted to give our readers a few fun ways to beat the heat this season!

Pro Tip #1: Sweet Summer Sips

Treat yourself to a mocktail at Happy Hour, or blend up a fun smoothie at home using fresh local ingredients and you’ll be feeling more cheerful in no time! Luckily for us, there’s more than a few farmers markets in the area to choose from, so finding in-season fruits and veggies is a breeze! Throw some cucumber, mint, and lemon into a cold glass of seltzer and you’ve got yourself a fun mocktail that can masquerade as the real deal, and with so many great restaurants around you’ll surely be able to find a bartender that can whip you up something delicious – you deserve it!

Pro Tip #2: Take a Dip

One of the best ways that we’ve found to stay cool while pregnant is to submerge yourself. Whether you have a community pool nearby, or make the drive to the coast, getting yourself into some water will cool you off and take some pressure off of your aching joints! Bonus points if you can find a community pool that offers water aerobics so you can work those muscles at the same time!

Pro Tip #3: Get Outta Town

Summer is a great time to take the opportunity for a babymoon! Is there somewhere you’ve been wanting to go? Pull the trigger and do it! Chances are, once that baby comes you won’t have too much travel in your future, so now is your time! With new places and faces in front of you, the discomforts of being pregnant may not seem so bad anymore. AND this gives you a chance to do some shopping – we all know the ladies love to shop, and there are so many good options for maternity wear these days!

There you have it – three surefire ways to beat that DC heat this summer!