Breastfeeding and fashion

Yes, those two things can exist in harmony (for the most part)! You’ve probably heard and seen a lot about maternity clothing. But did you know breastfeeding clothing is a thing, too? Breastfeeding clothing is created to allow easier access to breastfeeding for parent and baby. Imagine being out at a restaurant and it’s time to feed baby: how challenging would it be to adjust your clothing in a way that is comfortable for you and baby? Some clothing is easy to work around (like tank tops and lowcut tops), but sometimes it can feel impossible to get to that comfortable position with clothes that aren’t made with breastfeeding in mind. We at Metropolitan Breastfeeding decided to share some of our recommendations for nursing clothing. The best part? You can find everything online and have it shipped right to your door!

Stock Up on the Basics

The first place we recommend you check out is You probably already know about this magical website- who doesn’t? Well, we hope you also know that they have many different options for buying nursing bras, tank tops, and shirts in bulk. All the basics you’d ever need to get started can be found in one place. The customer review function is also really helpful on Amazon, because you can see what other breastfeeding parents thought of the products to be able to make a more insightful decision. Stock up on some nursing bras and basic tops to get yourself started!

Going out

Alright, so you’ve got your basics are squared away. Next step we recommend is getting nursing clothes suitable for a fun day out or a nice vacation (you deserve one!). We love sites like, who specialize only in maternity and nursing wear. They have dresses, jumpsuits, cardigans, hoodies, and so much more, all made for nursing parents! If you’re looking for a clothing that’s cute for going to places like a park or mall, we recommend starting you search there.

Dressed to Impress

So, you’ve got the basics and some going-out clothes checked off the list- what’s next? Professional nursing clothing, of course! Breastfeeding parents come from all different backgrounds, so it’s awesome that online stores like are stocked with tops and dresses that would be appropriate for parents looking to return to work. There are many parent’s that balance career, family and breastfeeding. Now they are able to find affordable and appropriate clothing for those long meetings and conference calls. (Hey, at least you look good!)

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

All the site mentioned also all have nursing accessories, like scarves, fashionable nursing bags that look like purses, and much more. So, you never have to go without a signature necklace or scarf!

Breastfeeding and fashion can make for an interesting and stylish wardrobe! What are some of your favorite nursing clothing brands? You can let us know on our Facebook and follow our “Breastfeeding in Style” Pinterest board for more ideas!