Fall is here! Well, sort of- there’s still technically a few more weeks until fall is “officially” here. Even so, the Autumn charm is filling the air! We at Metropolitan Breastfeeding thought it would be a great idea to share our top picks for fun activities to do in the fall with a newborn. We think Autumn can be filled with great times!

Picnic in the park

Some nice weather, a lovely park, and great food can lead to unforgettable family memories. Experts recommend outdoor time for both baby and parents, because being cooped up in the house all day, every day, can start to impact the whole family’s mood. A small picnic at a local park is perfect! There isn’t much you need to get started and staying local can ease worries about how much to bring. Pack some sandwiches, drinks, a blanket to sit on, and your diaper bag- that should be enough for an hour or two at the park with your family. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your sunscreen!

Holiday Shopping

Who doesn’t like shopping? Well, if you weren’t the shopping type before just imagine shopping for cute Halloween or Thanksgiving costumes for your little one. (Did someone say cute baby pumpkins and turkeys crawling around?! Yes please!) If that still isn’t your speed, then maybe food is! Going on a grocery trip for holiday meals can be fun and can result in yummy creations for the whole family. The fall season brings in a certain delightful twist to shopping, so take advantage of the seasonal themes and have fun!

Walk around the Neighborhood

Something nice and simple is a peaceful walk around the neighborhood. When the leaves start to change, and the weather begins to cool down, a little walk with your baby can brighten any day. You can also collect some pretty leaves while walking and put them in a plastic bag for baby to have a fun and colorful sensory experience!

What do you plan on doing for your fall adventures? Tag us in amazing fall fun pictures on Facebook! We’d love to see any new activity ideas.

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