If there’s one thing we’ve learned from working with women all across the Metropolitan area, it’s that everyone struggles with parenting in different ways. Breastfeeding doesn’t come easy to everyone, and we are all in this together! From celebrity stories to people walking into the office and meeting with our team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, we know that there are families who struggle with breastfeeding every single day!

For new parents especially, there is one tool that we have found to really make a difference, and that is keeping a breastfeeding log! Call me crazy, but we are TIRED after having a little one, and creating a log means having less to keep in the memory bank in your brain. Having a log for yourself ensures that you can keep track of baby’s feeding and bathroom schedule, and you can be sure that baby is gaining weight when expected.

According to one of our go-to sites, KellyMom, a log can be useful not only at the beginning but also if any issues should arise later on, and can give you a really great idea of what baby’s schedule is looking like. Medela offers a printable log for parents to use, or you can download the MyMedela app for more information and help with creating a log!

Do you use a log?  What was most helpful to you?