Parenting- It’s Written in the Stars!

To no one’s surprise, many new and expecting parents can be bombarded by information pertaining to breastfeeding (not to mention every other aspect of raising a newborn). Navigating through it all could drive anyone insane. Even people with access to a lot of resources – like celebrities! – have their share of trouble when it comes to balancing it all. Thankfully, breastfeeding is becoming normalized within celebrity circles! They are sharing their stories with us to raise awareness that being a breastfeeding parent can be challenging for anyone. The Rock, Jessica Alba, and Anne Hathaway all share their breastfeeding experiences with the media or on social media. So, we’ve decided to find a commonality that is relatable to all breastfeeding parents.

We’ve read through many celebrity stories (don’t judge!) and found a special commonality these stars have with the average breastfeeding parent. There’s a significance of building a trusting support system.

Family Support

Family is a great place to start when creating your team of supporters. Your team can be of significant others, parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, and yes, even the in-laws! Parent stars, like The Rock, post their support of the breastfeeding mothers in their lives. This highlights how important it is to have family in your corner. It’s only fitting that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson embodies being the ‘rock’ for Lauren Hashian (his partner) to lean on. The Rock shared a picture of helping to feed Lauren while she’s breastfeeding on Instagram. The Rock shows that he knows the importance of keeping mom fed so she can keep the baby fed! We can see that there’s no butler, or ‘personal feeder’ or anything else crazy helping Lauren to eat. It’s good-ole-fashion family bonding and it’s adorable to see! Allowing supportive family to help with things like cooking and cleaning can lift a huge weight from your shoulders.

Friends and Co-workers

Making sure you have helpful and understanding friends and co-workers during your breastfeeding journey can also be extremely beneficial. There will be times where you feel uncomfortable and having people there to reaffirm that you are doing an awesome job (because you are!) is very special thing to have. For example, Anne Hathaway was on the set of ‘Oceans 8’ when she realized that she forgot to pump before shooting. We’ve heard all the Hollywood stories of unfair treatment of actresses, but this is not one of those stories! Hathaway was surrounded by her female co-stars and friends as they encouraged her to go and pump. She had people in her corner that understood she was uncomfortable and made sure she could have a break to pump, feel better and get back to what she loves doing. It can’t be promised that all your friends and co-workers that you spent time with before you were pregnant will automatically jump on the parenting train with you, but those that do stick around to help are the ones worth putting in your support group.


Your support team also doesn’t have to solely rely on personal relationships either! There are plenty of caring professionals, like the amazing consultants of Metropolitan Breastfeeding, that can give you the professional and emotional support you need during any difficult times. Let’s take Jessica Alba as another example. Alba decided to hire a professional nanny to help ease the burden of parenting as well as give support with breastfeeding. Even though she hired a nanny to help, she trusts that her nanny has her and her family’s best interest at heart and that’s all that matter! And who knows- they may become a part of the family!


Bottom line is that whether it’s from family, friends, and/or professionals, you should build a dependable and trusting support system that can help you whenever you may need!